POF stealth mode

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Getting into raids. Beginner's guide.

2020.03.08 11:28 SaltyChrono Getting into raids. Beginner's guide.

#Getting into raids. Beginners guide
You want to start raiding and have no idea where to start? It’s a good place for you. Let’s start by clearing some common incomprehension. Raids in Guild Wars 2 are not hard, they don’t need an easy mode. GW2 does have a few hard bosses, but in like From Software games most of the difficulty is your side. It’s either way of thinking “it’s too hard I will not be able to do it”, having a bad build, or both of these things at the same time. Let's start at the very beginning.

Classes, builds and gear

First, you need to decide what class you want to play in raids. Its good idea to have a power, a condition-based and a support class. For the beginning, the easiest to gear up is power classes since you can easily use them on most of the bosses in GW2.
You can get builds on SnowCrows page. https://snowcrows.com/
Just remember this is a speed-clearing guild, you can copy their builds but rotations and DPS is something to work on. You don’t need full ascended armor and stat infusions. For power, classes try to copy stat combinations on gear since it’s aiming to hit max possible critical chance. For condition-based builds, you can easily use full vipers.
For power gear, you can buy all exotic armor on TP.
Condition-based builds will need more work. You can craft them but if you don’t want to do that, the best way to get them is by doing Verdant Brink events and buying Bladed armor, the chest armor can have a chance to drop after full meta event so don’t leave map until meta ends.
As for runes: power classes can buy exotic Scholar, Thief or Pack (depending on your class) runes on TP. Condition and healing builds need to buy runes from the dungeon vendor in LA. To get dungeon currency you can either do dungeons or complete dungeon reward tracks in PvP / WvW. You need to insert same runes on each armor piece so their effect stacks – so each of six armor piece have the same kind of rune to enable all bonuses.
For trinkets: there is a lot of sources for ascended trinkets and getting them is just time-consuming. You can buy core Tyria stats from many vendors (including guild merchant that sell them for guild commendations) but they’re unique, meaning you can have only one of that trinket on a character.
Fractals, PvP and WvW modes have options to buy ascended trinkets with all stats available for currencies from that mode, they also offer you an item that reset stats (so you can select them again) of all trinkets from that mode and on top, those trinkets are not unique so playing this mode is a better choice.
But the easiest way of obtaining ascended trinkets are Living World episodes, especial LW3 maps, with map currency. LW trinkets should offer a selection of all stats but they’re spread between episodes. Currently, Icebrood Saga offers ring and earring, but please remember they also require to complete certain achievements to be able to buy them.
Exotic weapons have a similar problem as armor. Power classes can buy them and condition builds need to craft them. As for ascended weapons, each elite specialization has a collection that rewards an ascended weapon as the reward. Ascended weapons for power classes are also rewarded from Knight of the Thorn quest that starts after completing Heart of Thorns story.
Put sigils in both weapons. For power classes its Superior Sigil of Force and Superior Sigil of Impact but for beginning you should use any of Superior Sigils of Slaying or Accuracy and move to Impact after getting ascended weapon. For condition and healing builds check builds on https://snowcrows.com/ for your class.
Also, if you get ascended drop in the game but with wrong stats, you can easily change stats on ascended gear at Mystic Forge. To do this follow guide on wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stat_changing
Once you start raiding you'll get raids currency: Magnetite Shards and Gaeting Crystals that you can use to buy any ascended gear with all stats available at Aerodrome merchant. Watch what chest you buy and what kind of weapon you select. Assaulter's weapons and armor contain Assasin, Berserker, Diviner and Harrier stats used in power builds, Malicious contain Viper and Plaguedoctor's stats, Healer contains all healing stats like Harrier, Magi, Plaguedoctor's or Minstrel's (used on Chronomancer tanking builds), Defender’s items offer both Harrier and Minstrel stats. If you are unsure which is in the chest, check the /wiki to make sure before selecting.
Build summary:
Now when you know where to get all gear we need to discuss one more thing. Ascended armor is actually last thing to aim for gear wise since it don't have much higher stats than exotics. Things look differently with weapons and trinkets, they give you much more stats than exotic version and should be priority but buying exotic versions to have completed build is very good idea. You can use Superior Rune of the Pack instead of runes of scholar until getting ascended armor since they’re cheaper, offer same stats and staying over 90% to get bonus from this runes will be hard at beginning. Cheap alternative to Sigil of Impact are Sigil of Slaying (since all of them offer same flat bonus to dps) or Accuracy (to increase chance for critical hit. It's useful in open world but not needed in raids and fractals). Sigil of Impact are used for their bonus dmg for CC’d enemies like KC burnphase.
Cost of buying all exotic gear is not that high and it will be good starting point to both raids and farming better gear, think about it as gear progression system.
Cost of exotic gear using staff daredevil as example in time of writing this part:
Gear price in gold
rune of the pack 6.55
berserker's staff 1.83
sigil of slaying 0.03
sigil of force 5.60
chest 0.36
pants 0.38
gloves 0.36
helmet 0.36
boots 0.37
shoulders 0.35
2 accessory 4.60
amulet 0.41
2 rings 1.40
no back item
Total cost 22g
DPS wise moving to full ascended build will look like this:
Build Golem number arcdps log
rune of the pack, full exotic (no back item) 13.1k https://dps.report/93gM-20200303-190014_golem
rune of the pack, exotic armor, exotic trinkets (no back item), ascended weapon 16.9k https://dps.report/lZHQ-20200303-185522_golem
rune of the pack, exotic armor, ascended trinkets and weapon 19.2k https://dps.report/u4Ms-20200303-185323_golem
full ascended with scholar runes 22.2k https://dps.report/Uaom-20200303-184941_golem
Do you actually need “good build”? Yes, such builds most of the time have higher auto attacks than many open-world builds that you can find on metabattle. If you don’t believe me, I benchmarked all my classes and builds auto attacks:

Autoatack benchmarks

Full realistic boons, small 1M HP golem with all conditions enabled (excluding Holomancer). Numbers were taken before 25.02.2020 balance patch.
Build Golem number arcdps log
boon chrono meta 11.5k https://dps.report/miAX-20200219-205217_golem
full diviner (with meta traits) 9.6k https://dps.report/zPST-20200219-205531_golem
full diviner (full boon mode*) 8k https://dps.report/EYwN-20200219-210134_golem
power chrono 15k https://dps.report/X1j1-20200219-210544_golem
mirage 9.6k https://dps.report/jlSq-20200219-211126_golem
*improved alacrity + seize the moment
Build Golem number arcdps log
diviner renegade 14.3k https://dps.report/4ZtJ-20200219-211655_golem
power herald 18k https://dps.report/aQe7-20200219-212016_golem
hammer herald 10k https://dps.report/uiB7-20200222-183607_golem
heal renegade 6.7k https://dps.report/dEtC-20200219-212359_golem
condi renegade mace 14.8k https://dps.report/Yy0O-20200219-212721_golem
condi renegade bow 12k https://dps.report/C8eB-20200219-212944_golem
Build Golem number arcdps log
scourge (sigil of bursting without summons) 11.8k https://dps.report/FtTR-20200219-213755_golem
scourge (sigil of torment without summons) 12.9k https://dps.report/o9N4-20200219-214037_golem
scourge (sigil of bursting + shadow fiend) 12.2k https://dps.report/bf18-20200219-214344_golem
scourge (sigil of torment + shadow fiend) 13.1k https://dps.report/GU8W-20200219-214627_golem
Power reaper without summons
Build Golem number arcdps log
greatsword 16k https://dps.report/VtgY-20200222-190800_golem
axe 10.2k https://dps.report/I91Z-20200222-191106_golem
shroud + greatsword 24k https://dps.report/LKRT-20200222-193118_golem
shroud + greatsword + summons 25.4k https://dps.report/ZxcQ-20200222-193326_golem
Engineer (all conditions on golem and 0 heat level)
Build Golem number arcdps log
sword 17.4k https://dps.report/eckx-20200219-215136_golem
photon forge auto (without overheating - goint out of forge more near 100 and going back at 50 heat) 25k https://dps.report/8wmS-20200219-215402_golem
photon forge auto (with overheat) 23.1k https://dps.report/ws0Q-20200219-215633_golem
sword + turret 17.8k https://dps.report/n8rH-20200219-215832_golem
flamethrower 14.8k https://dps.report/GUOu-20200222-121441_golem
bomb kit 17.2k https://dps.report/lfim-20200223-122904_golem
grenade kit 13k https://dps.report/pSSN-20200223-123847_golem
(only vulnerability on golem)
Build Golem number arcdps log
sword 14.5k https://dps.report/aYS5-20200219-220852_golem
photon forge auto (without overheating - going out of forge more near 100 and going back at 50 heat) 21.5k https://dps.report/LvtH-20200219-221027_golem
photon forge auto (with overheat) 18.5k https://dps.report/lL0e-20200219-221254_golem
flamethrower 12.7k https://dps.report/8M8s-20200222-121914_golem
bomb kit 14.3k https://dps.report/NfuH-20200223-123204_golem
grenade kit 10.8k https://dps.report/aBPc-20200223-123615_golem
Condi Engi (No Food, using utility w/o cast time) quick numbers*:
Flamethrower ~13k,
grenades ~11,3k,
pistol ~10,5k
Big thanks to Griever for providing this numbers
Guardian (no retaliation since it’s autoattacks test)
Build Golem number arcdps log
Dragon Hunter greatsword 15.6k https://dps.report/11LZ-20200219-221800_golem
DH scepter 10.2k https://dps.report/6Mhi-20200219-222101_golem
DH sword 14k https://dps.report/iapV-20200219-222310_golem
DH longbow 10k https://dps.report/QGq9-20200219-222621_golem
Grievieng Firebrand axe 16.4k https://dps.report/xVlf-20200219-223111_golem
Grievieng FB scepter 9k https://dps.report/SkXE-20200219-223411_golem
Condi quickbrand axe 14.5k https://dps.report/jON3-20200219-204534_golem
Condi quickbrand scepter 8.5k https://dps.report/Hecv-20200219-204812_golem
Soulbeast (attacking from behind)
Build Golem number arcdps log
condi bow 10.7k https://dps.report/ShlJ-20200219-224230_golem
condi bow (refined toxins trait) 14.7k https://dps.report/7w41-20200223-004913_golem
condi dagger 12.6k https://dps.report/yI3T-20200219-224524_golem
power greatsword 18.5k https://dps.report/USbF-20200219-225007_golem
power dagger 16.1k https://dps.report/hMPq-20200219-225202_golem
power sword 17.4k https://dps.report/PRc2-20200219-225401_golem
Build Golem number arcdps log
power weaver fire (bolt to the heart since its autoatack test) 17.2k https://dps.report/ChOB-20200219-230249_golem
power weaver air (bolt since its autoatack test) 19.2k https://dps.report/3IA9-20200219-230428_golem
staf weaver air (bolt) 7.1k https://dps.report/NKQ0-20200222-184253_golem
staff weaver fire (bolt) 9.9k https://dps.report/D6Ai-20200222-184725_golem
condi tempest fire 6.9k https://dps.report/P3pw-20200219-230756_golem
condi tempest air 7.8k https://dps.report/QhqM-20200219-231048_golem
Build Golem number arcdps log
power axe 14.5k https://dps.report/zLTg-20200219-231833_golem
power greatsword 12.6k https://dps.report/5fED-20200219-232057_golem
condi BS sword 14k https://dps.report/GMi6-20200219-232905_golem
condi BS bow 8.8k https://dps.report/QREy-20200219-233212_golem
Build Golem number arcdps log
staff DD 23k https://dps.report/u4QT-20200222-174224_golem
dagger deadeye 22k https://dps.report/E078-20200222-174606_golem
riffle deadeye (standing) 11k https://dps.report/NXLY-20200222-175049_golem
riffle deadeye (kneeling) 18.2k https://dps.report/DXni-20200222-175334_golem
As you can see auto attacks on some classes is almost half of it's benchmarked DPS (damage per second). Having good rotation and maintaining it in actual fights is something you need to work for.

Good starting classes are:

Power builds

Power Holosmith
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/engineeholosmith/powe
Traits: In explosions trait line take 3, 2, 3
Sword Holosmith provide very high dps, have easy rotation and can bring a lof of CC if needed (for example by taking shield instead of pistol)
Power warrior
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/warrioberserkepowe
Nike! did amazing build and rotation guide: https://youtu.be/rZKSo6QQLT0
Power warrior have easy rotation, can bring banners and CC skills. On CC heavy fights (like Samarog) you can take 2 maces (not mentioned on SC page) - use skill 5, then 3, if CC is still needed F1.
Power reaper
While it was a meme for a long time, currently its good and easy power build that bring good DPS and CC.
Link to build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/necromancereapepowe
Staff daredevil
Link to build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/thief/daredevil/powe
Easy to play, hard to master builds. While it uses mostly staff auto-attacks it also requires using staff 2 skill and dodging since it gains more DPS when endurance bar is not full leaving you without dodges.
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/guardian/dragonhuntepowe
While long rotation can be confusing it’s not that hard to pull off and DH is considered one of best entry-level power builds. Instead of Sword of Justice, you can take needed skill providing support like Stand Your Ground giving 10 allies stability.

Condition builds

Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/guardian/firebrand/condition/
Firebrand is easy to play and a really strong condition build that can also bring some healing and removing conditions when entering F2 and F3 tomes.
Condition Soulbeast
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/rangesoulbeast/condition/
Condi SB has a simple rotation, has good DPS and its stances can increase team DPS or clear conditions on them with Bear stance. The downside of this class is lack of good CC skills so if you’re on a boss that requires breaking CC bar (like Soulless Horror for example) you need to have active storm spirit.
Condition Renegade
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/revenant/renegade/condition/
Renegade is a very strong condition class and have few possible builds working as a learning curve. Invocation Shiro build is good for beginners, then you move to Invocation Kalla or Devastation Kalla.

Support builds

Healing Firebrand
Build: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/guardian/firebrand/heal/
Support FB is one of the best healers in GW2 and provides the party with permanent quickness.
Healing Tempest
Build: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Support_Healer
Healing Tempest is the strongest healing build in-game and on top of that it can provide fury and 25 stacks of might.

Overall tips and trick

  1. Never stand in front of bosses. There is a very good reason why the tank faces it away. For players without toughness, each hit will deal massive damage (depending on boss)
  2. Doing mechanics is more important than doing DPS. If someone in your team fails mechanics someone else needs to take their place if no one will do that, this might end with wiping the whole squad that could be easily avoided.
  3. Food and utilities should be your best friends. While using them cost about 50 silver for thirty minutes, the effects that they provide are really worth it.
  4. Ascended food. Getting cooking to level 500 might take some gold and time but it's worth it. If you can prepare -10% dmg food since it has the best value overall. Reddit, Reddit, Reddit
  5. Be patient. Learning bosses in actual fights might take time.
  6. Don’t gg (/gg in chat kills you in raids and fractals) if this is not really necessary. Many groups give up to early if few players die when boss still would be easily killable.
  7. Practice your rotations from time to time but don’t overdo it. Half an hour once a week should be fine.
  8. Discord is needed for communication. If you see a discord invite in squad message just join that server. It will help coordination and there is always a chance you will find a static group to raid with that will also help you learn bosses you don’t know yet.
  9. Doing daily fractals is also a good idea, they not only are a good source of gold but also let you progress with gear. And on at end of this ride, you will get access to Nightmare and Shattered Observatory fractals in challenge mode (currently on 99 and 100 levels) that one of the best challenging content available in the game.
  10. You should also start doing Strike Missions since they have progressing difficulty and teach you mechanics from actual raid bosses (like stacking 4 people in green fields).
  11. Practice rotations in open world events and bosses.
  12. Never fake KP/Li/Ld. Some groups can easily clear raids with nine or even fewer people so they can take you with them if you ping even few KP or tell them it's your first time but you watched guides and practised rotations.
  13. It’s important to set Shaders and Character Model Limit to at least medium during raids, so you can see helpful arena markings, mechanics etc.
  14. All DPS players should rez any downed players as soon as possible. Don't leave this only to support, it will take longer and might end up with that player dying due boss mechanics.
  15. To practice rotation use training golem in Aerodrome (entrance is near bank). Use console to add boons and class specific buffs to yourself, then spawn golem using console near golem preview on left. You can check what to add to yourself, what conditions and hitbox size you need to add to golem here: https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/#pills-buffs
  16. Always stack with the group. All of your heals and boons are going to be on top of the stack.


Many bosses in raids and the open-world have break bars under their health bar. Depending on the fight, different bad things can happen to the whole squad or to one player selected by the boss so it’s important to use CC (crowd control) skills. Each class have a selection of such skills that are either hard or soft CC. By soft CC we consider any condition that affects moving the enemies like cripple, chill, immobilize, fear or slow. Hard CC are skills that affect enemy by either moving it or interrupting skills. They’re daze, launch, stun or knockback. You can check all effects and how much break bar damage they do on the wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_bar#Skill_details

Team composition

Most of the teams you find on LFG use standard team composition that includes two chronomancers, two druids, banner warrior (BS) and 5 DPS classes (power or condi depending on boss). This is considered the safest composition when coming to pugging but this is wrong. Teams need only one druid and the second one should be replaced by any other healing class like healing tempest, firebrand or, in the worst-case scenario, healing scourge. Teams need only one druid to provide necessary boons by spirits and might by using celestial avatar but the druid is not best healer so the team can and should replace it by another class.
Many static teams run compositions containing hybrid classes such as condition quickness firebrand (quickbrand) that is good DPS and provide permanent quickness and alacrity renegade that is not that bad DPS (or healing build that also brings alacrity) and bring permanent alacrity for 10 people. Depending on boss this might look like this: chronomancer as the tank or simply support, druid, quickbrand, alacrity renegade, BS and 5 DPS classes. What is the difference? Chronomancer doesn’t need to provide alacrity so it can use this place for any skill that is needed on a boss and both quickbrand and renegade have much higher DPS chronomancer making fights shorter.

KP, Li and Ld

What are those? These stand for Kill Proof, Legendary Insights and Legendary Divinations that drops once a week after killing the boss (you can kill bosses multiple times during the week but you will only get KP and LI/LD on for the first kill). This is a bad “skill” system developed by players to pug players from LFG. Why is it so bad? First of all, they do not reflect player skills at all. You can have a good player just starting raiding that can do mechanics and good and a player with a lot of KP and LI that can do only good DPS and having his concentration only on pushing DPS numbers. On top of that, numbers of KP dropping from bosses is random (from 1 to 5) so it does not even reflect how many times you killed the boss. Each boss drops just one Li or Ld (depending on if its HoT or PoF raids) but this also shows the only number of overall boss kills and not experience on a certain boss. Not even mentioning that this also blocks new players from entering many groups and actually getting KP.
Each boss drops an item that is considered kill proof like Vale Guardian Fragments. Those were designed as guild decorations but as I mentioned now are used differently. Another KP is legendary armor that shows you killed all bosses in wings 1-4 and gathered 150 Li.
Titles can also be used as kill proof. 'Envoy Herald' shows you gathered 3 complete sets of legendary armor worth 750 Li. 'Voice of the Void' show that player cleared Dhuum in challenge mode, that is the hardest content in the game.

Raid Training guilds:

If you don’t have a guild that does raiding or people in your guild don’t want to join raids you should join one of the training guilds that help new players. You can find their discord channels on this page: https://snowcrows.com/raids/training/

Boss Guides (and tips for not only beginners)

Wing 1 - Spirit Vale

1. Vale Guardian
Video: https://youtu.be/IiSsq85T23Q
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/11/20/gw2-vale-guardian-raid-boss-guide/
  1. The most important thing on VG is not getting teleported. When you see a yellow border around your screen this means you’re standing on a blue field that spawned under your character that in 3 seconds will teleport you in a random place on the arena. Considering that most groups just overheal green mechanics this can mean either getting downed or death.
  2. The split guardians have CC bar that you need to break before you will be able to kill them but remember that VG himself will get break bar just after split-phase so save hard CC on the actual boss.
  3. Never use pull on this fight since you can pull seekers on your squad and kill them. So dragon hunters should never double press greatsword 5… they never should do that anyway unless pulling small ads is needed
2. Gorseval
Video: https://youtu.be/J6SnUnsppPc
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/11/25/gw2-gorseval-the-multifarious-raid-boss-guide/
  1. Try to not get into eggs. When you see small AOE under your character move away. You can’t block it and can’t dodge it, you simply can’t be over any of these small fields (this include AEO that spawned under your allies)
  2. Don’t use CC on small spirits. They got immobilized by a druid and you can overwrite their cc so they can start moving again
  3. You need to judge if you want to break the CC bar fast or slow. This depends on your group DPS. If squad can’t pass fist DPS check at 66% you should do slow or not CC him at all since the boss will spawn 5 black rings (that exploding inflicts 25 stacks of vulnerability) with the last one covering the whole area. Just remember that during the CC phase Gorseval has retaliation on him so every hit will be reflected to you so watch out
  4. If Gorseval is over 15% hp when CC is below 33% ends you should move, destroy a wall, glide on updraft until his one-shot skill ends and then glide to the centre of the arena. Another CC phase will start a few seconds after you land there.
  5. If you have ranged attacks destroy orbs spawning on split phase (when 4 spirits spawn) while moving between spirits
3. Sabetha:
Video: https://youtu.be/yFo5QPoZ1aM
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/11/30/gw2-sabetha-the-saboteur-raid-boss-guide/
  1. Dodging flame wall is impossible and it will instantly kill. Just before its spawns Sabetha yells Burn, burn and its telegraph will be shown on the floor. Since its always going counterclockwise you can just cross it on the other side and you will be safe without needing to move around the boss.
  2. You can kite where the flame wall will spawn by stacking all players on one side. Preferably on the side where cannon will spawn making doing cannons and throwing greens easier
  3. Watch if you got green. If you do, throw it on the platform where player doing cannons is waiting.
  4. If you’re DPS player and destroying cannon failed you should go to that cannon as backup and just kill it. Destroying cannons do not take too long and you have updraft just at boss arena in case of bad flame wall happening when you will be coming back.
  5. Kill all mid-bosses. Even if Sabetha already got back concentrate on mid-boss.

Wing 2 - Salvation Pass

1. Slothasor
Video: https://youtu.be/pWO-9zdVJlc
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2016/03/15/gw2-slothasor-salvation-pass-raid-guide/
  1. Doing mid strat allow you better control on spawning slubs and so its actually safer.
  2. If you see that DPS player assigned to eat shrooms forgot about mechanics do it yourself. If someone will not do that it might end with a wipe.
  3. If possible, bring a condition removal skill in case you will get feared
  4. When Sloth is doing shake attack dodge twice into his direction
  5. Be careful not to attack or pull the player eating shrooms
2. Trio - event/mini-bosses
Video: https://youtu.be/wEMMRwoM56Q
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2016/03/22/gw2-bandit-trio-salvation-pass-raid-guide/
  1. Even if you’re playing DPS, help with pulling ads, with for example greatsword 5 on guardian
3. Matthias
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2016/03/16/gw2-matthias-gabrel-salvation-pass-raid-guide/
  1. What to do with poison skills are easy. If you have special action skill go to the wall in between fountains and use it. If you don’t have it go to the fountain that was not yet used (used ones are red) to cleanse yourself.
  2. Always CC player selected for sacrifice. If you don’t do that, the selected player will simply die and the fight will become longer.
  3. Bombs explode second after red AOE under players fill up so don’t go back to the boss until that happens. You also shouldn’t use axe 3 on mirage (if you’re playing it) when this mechanics is happening
  4. If you see Matthias jumping into the air just simply dodge, same if he starts spinning his staff.

Wing 3 - Stronghold of the Faithful

1. Escort – event
Video: https://youtu.be/xWMlyoyZiMg
Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Siege_the_Stronghold
  1. When chronomancer drop portal to the towers try not to kill all ads, leave one alive or all of them will respawn
  2. If you’re chronomancer doing cave and have any Elementalist in squad ask them for fire greatsword. It makes going through the cave easier, allowing you to take either healing mantra or mantra of resolve to clear condition on you since getting feared just after you land on tower happens.
  3. Using moa signet on wargs spawning during boss fight is fun. You should try it.
2. Keep Construct
Video: https://youtu.be/ilXUMB1SO9Y
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2016/06/15/gw2-keep-construct-raid-boss-guide/
  1. When you got fixed after CC phase always stay on arrow marker. This is very important.
  2. When split happen tank and the fixated person always stay on boss. After returning, focus on killing statue.
  3. When KC will jump into the air he will stay in the same place. Don’t move from that spot. This is very important. You must kill statues in the place where KC jumped up.
  4. Greens on split-phase need only two people. DPS and the fixated person stay on the arrow marker while support players should go to the other two. If any support got fixated take his place.
  5. One Chronomancer (especially in single chrono comp) should run illusion inspiration trait line. When pushing ball phase start to get one clone on any small ads, enter C-Split, put Time Warp on the team, pull orb with focus and place well of recall. After C-split put wells and cast signet and pull with focus again.
3. Twisted Castle – event
Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Navigate_the_Twisted_Castle
Video (not a guide): https://youtu.be/Px6tGFDIblI
  1. To make the jump down on gate look under feet of your character. Stand along the wall, turn 45 degrees to the left and dodge down (not jump down, jumping down will kill you)
  2. Chronomancer portaling people down should take mimic and use it before opening the portal. This will allow you to portal team back up after the door will be opened, eliminating the risk that they will be ported back by statues.
4. Xera
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2016/06/15/gw2-xera-raid-boss-guide/
Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Xera
  1. Always do all mechanic clockwise and tell people in the team in party chat if you will do mechanics like standing on a button
  2. If you have good DPS and managed to push Xera to 75% before laser spawns this mechanics will be skipped and you will be able to stay on centre of platform till end of the phase.
  3. CC Xera as fast as possible, when she have break bar she is immune to all dmg
  4. When you get mechanics use it on the ground after 5 seconds – its easier than listening to sound effects.
  5. Keep space pressed while you are gliding between platforms. Some players simply don’t care about others and use huge gliders so sometimes you will not be able to see if your glider has opened.
  6. Use base glider on this fight

Wing 4 - Bastion of the Penitent

1. Cairn
Video: https://youtu.be/z3lrizelhMg
Wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Cairn_the_Indomitable
  1. Set shaders to medium otherwise, you will not be able to sing ring in the middle of the arena
  2. Always stay inside the ring in centre, if you get agony just move to other side of the boss
  3. Agony can’t overlap with other players hitbox and not with another red AOE
  4. When Cair is teleporting around the arena he will always leave green circle under him if his health is above 50%
  5. Stability skills like Stand you Ground on Guardians allow you to skip going into green. You will get a stack of condition making you move slower but you can use special action skill to move away from teleport fields
  6. Agony is given to furthest player when green phase ends. This can be used by support players to grab this mechanics and let dps players do their job in peace.
2. Mursaat Overseer
Video: https://youtu.be/pcYEEX6RgDM
Dulfy written guide: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mursaat_Overseer
  1. Its good idea to have at least one scourge for epidemic to control statues
3. Samarog
Video: https://youtu.be/diwPG9Dsrt8
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2017/02/11/gw2-samarog-raid-boss-guide/
  1. Samarog attacks lock him at animation, he can’t turn around during attack. This can be used to keep him in one place all the time. Also after he starts to attack the tank can simply walk under his hitbox to not get hit at all.
  2. During split phase, all players should stand on right side of Samarog, where Rigom spawns. This will allow you to push him faster under Samarog shield.
4. Deimos
Video: https://youtu.be/04KJ9Mtocmw
Dulfy: http://dulfy.net/2017/02/13/gw2-deimos-raid-boss-guide/
  1. While you may think ranged strat is safer, it’s not. It puts pressure on tank, you will lose one player that will have to kite blacks and fight will take way longer due to people having to use ranged attacks (check Dragonhunter scepter AA benchmarks above). All of this will increase chances of failure so try to avoid ranged strategy as much as possible
  2. Actual black spawn few seconds after red aoe appeared under players so you can easily walk away – just don’t dodge pizza attack back to blacks
  3. Take tears from the floor when you’re fighting Deimos and never take them when you get ported up until under 10% phase
  4. If you have a problem finding the correct clone to kill at thief phase, it has different staff. Avoid standing in between the 4 of them since they do quite a bit of damage.

Wing 5 - Hall of Chains

1. Soulless Horror
Video guide: https://youtu.be/FquU1cnv1Xc
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2017/12/02/gw2-soulless-horror-raid-guide/
WP video with lore (long!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpZD1FuNPDY (WP video, so it's LONG)
  1. Watch when you use skills that have CC. For example, mirage pistol and torch 5 can interrupt pushing golem and spawn aoe on the team or block your escape from walls
  2. As mirage never use axe 3 when the wall is close
  3. While tanking using scepter instead of sword (even on Minstrel build) is a good idea since block on scepter has a lower cooldown
2. River of Souls + Statues of Grenth
Video guide: https://youtu.be/gCC8EjHHMzE
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2017/12/05/gw2-hall-of-chains-encounters-guide/#Statues_of_Grenth
Ice king:
  1. Communicate with the team how many stacks you have
  2. While you need to control your DPS in this fight, don’t go too low since it still has a timer on it
  1. Get eater to 50% after starting the fight, then move to spider. Kill a spider, throw orbs (by using special action skill) on the green field under the boss, then kill him to spawn orbs. If someone misses orbs you will have to kill ignore Eater and kill next spider.
  2. A common tactics is ignoring 1st ghost and sending 5 people into the air on 2nd, with 4 people collecting orbs and one sacrificing himself to break CC bar
  1. Just for safety don’t use any skills having CC
WP video with lore on River of Souls (long!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ6C8KGPfkU
Wooden Potatos video with lore on Desmina and Statues of Grenth (long!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GbfNb0VFt4
3. Dhuum
Wooden Potatos video (long!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufZr08bDGcY
Dulfy written guide: http://dulfy.net/2017/12/05/gw2-dhuum-raid-boss-guide/
  1. If you want to practice taking greens (since everyone will have to do it at 10%) you can stealth first reaper and go green. This can be done with thief or scrapper
  2. When doing greens to grab the big orb fast just go 45 degree to the left when facing centre
  3. Always move away if you got chains. If both players will move away, the chain will be broken faster, meaning both players will be able to get back to DPS faster

Wing 6 - Mythwright Gambit‎

1. Conjured Amalgamate
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2018/09/24/gw2-conjured-amalgamate-raid-guide/
  1. Save swords for 2nd hand slam, this way it will get all 10 stacks allowing you to burst it faster
  2. Always CC and kill shield ads. They can slow down people doing mechanics during burst phase and increase risk of missing shield (this will give CA retaliation) or sword (this will increase dmg attacks)
2. Largos Twins
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2018/09/25/gw2-nikare-and-kenut-raid-guide/
  1. It is very important to watch out for mechanics in this fight since getting bubbled, getting pushed by aoe or getting hit by slide can easily kill you
  2. If both chronomancers are using condition build you will need to have a source of vulnerability on both sides
  3. This fight favors mirages but other condition classes work, yet you will see noticeable lower DPS number on them
  4. Just in case, take one class that can rip off boons from enemies to the right side in case boss would steal boons
3. Qadim
Dulfy written guide:: http://dulfy.net/2018/09/26/gw2-qadim-raid-boss-guide/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/Guildwars2/comments/9ig1l1/qadim_guide/
  1. To easily manage players put markers on south, northeast and northwest. This way you can assign players to marker, making them responsible to all mechanics (pushing (if you’re not pulling to mid) and destroying pyres) in that whole area.
  2. Wyvern can be tanked by any class since its mostly about positioning. Stay close to center of platform. Wyvern have only four attacks. First is AA chain starting from swipe that you need to block or dodge and smash that can be avoided by simply standing in center of its hitbox. For fire breath attack move few steps to the left, next always will be aoe attack that ends on your position you need to move few steps to the right.
  3. Main tank can take portal to skip most of Jumping Puzzle part. Place it on corner of the triangle right to the Zamaros platform.

Wing 7 - The Key of Ahdashim

1. Sabir
Video https://youtu.be/Xr7j1305WnI
  1. Going into the air can be ignored by using rebound on Tempest
  2. If you got special action skill you can use it to jump to sparks platform and since its CC aim at them, this will break their CC bar making killing them easier.
2. Adina
Video: https://youtu.be/UY1iBmxDD6M
  1. While first hands on split-phase spawn at the north, from second split-phase you should start doing them from southeast since Adina will start attacking the northwest.
  2. When running between hands its good to have stability, reflects or shields. This can be provided by Guardian’s stand your ground or Revenant barrier on Ventari
  3. Try to remember when you were standing at the beginning, drop pillar at the same place as it was (if you got this mechanic) and always take the same pillar. This saves a lot of time commander time to assign people in pairs
3. Qadim the Peerless
Video: https://youtu.be/YbTyhJRvev4
Image positioning guide by Griever: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/533052610907865124/671854177835810837/PQadimRefsheet.jpg
  1. For placing aoe and tank positioning please use positioning guide above
  2. White cone is boss “targeting” skill and all players in it will get hit by his next attack
  3. Before attack start Qadim will make “countdown” with orbs over his head, just observe them and to block when he gets to the smallest orb
  4. When pylon gets destroyed its very good idea to give stability to the squad with for example Guardian’s Stand your ground skill
  5. If DPS player gets tether on the last phase just leave the mid circle, it will be assigned to another person
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2020.02.17 18:43 Gate_Big_Fitty General Ideas for a better gw2. Some ideas to look at ^_^

So my guild mates and i started to look at the game in different way. Instead of being the salty WvWers that we once were. But we have made a list in a google doc. That will be a on going project and idea sponge for us. We are wanting to share these ideas with the general gw2 audience. We would love to hear the feed back and what others are wanting from the game. Please keep the feedback positive and in a constructive manner.

Guild Wars 2 General Ideas
Class Balance ideas
Water trait line cleanse for weaver more group support maybe new trait that changes skills on tempest to condition to boon on allies with an underused weapon for short duration such as war horn and make new skills for it.
Engineer Add utility to holosmith for wvw…
Make a stealth healer for group play and trait for weapon to rip boons maybe on staff five now that it doesn't do damage
make the pages less with shorter cool downs into the tomes, or initiative where you have to build something up before going into the tomes then have a short-timer while in the tomes then thief initiative while in the tome; making some skills use more initiative or "pages" while in the tome with no cooldowns but stronger skills remove you from the tome quicker by using more pages. You would have to build stacks to re-enter the tome. F1 could have something to do with burning an enemy, F2 could be healing and or cleansing, F3 could be blocking. It could show on buff bar stacking to say 25 and then each tome could open separately depending on your actions out of the tomes.
Make the Ventari table be like gyros on scrapper when you active the "6" Skill, it would stay above you wherever you go, using the 6 skill again moves the tablet with the use of energy to a location for a short duration then resets. utility and elite skills can be used when the tablet is above you or at a location.
give it a place in WvW zergs with Stance share... make the radius much larger of stances and let allies receive the full buffed trait to the duration of stances. I wanted this to be a thing when PoF dropped but never happened.
Give it a role with boon ripping and buffing allies in WvW with wells that rip boons and give a short duration of a boon at the location of the Chrono like 600 radius to 5 players. Make each well do different boon groups to match the skills flavor.
Please make it the support, barrier, condition clear, heal class that it should be. Even with all the nerfs in the past, if played right, can still support ,with barriers, and do massive DPS (not good to me). should have the trade-off of no DPS to support by giving barrier.
Wvw Defensive / Tactic ideas
General Game ideas
- Adding or updating the mentor ability in Guild wars 2 and allowing you to Check off or show what areas of the game you are comfortable or able to mentor in. I.E WvW mentors PvP mentors and even raids and fractals. But allowing newer players the chance to ask questions to a veteran player in these fields.
Balancing out PPK and PPT, There are a fews ways of going about this my guild mates have discussed this a lot, Either having a stack buff on you that will make the kills you are getting worthless for the server but it wouldnt change the loot you are getting. This Buff would in turn also give the enemy servers 2-3 times the amount of points for killing you.This would balance out the stacking of ppk servers. Another idea would be to have an event in WvW about every 1-2 hours that make PPT or PPK the source of War score. So in the 1-2 hour time frame the servers would have to focus on either ppking or ppting.
Rework ranking in WvW and revamp Alpine Towers/Keep lords,First let me be clear
I do not like the Red borderlands land out at all, I dislike the openness of the keeps and the distance of travel between keeps. The Red server is supposed to be the underdog and needs support with winning against the other servers. Giving them red borderlands is a big disadvantage, That is also the reason you can treb SmC from Red keep in ebg. However back to the topic, I like the idea of having a unique towekeep lords. The tower lay out for Red borderlands is easier to fight in and makes it much nicer overall. The lord areas don't really force you into a tiny stacked up ball to be easily nuked on. Also if you insist on having Red borderlands being Desert why not go the extra mile and add new themed maps that match the colors? Blue could stay on the same Alpine map but Green could go into either jungle or grass flat lands. Also the idea of having multiple levels on a WvW map is horrible and shouldn't be a Vertical scaling map at all. The one big reason most people dislike Red bl is the Size and the fact that it is a Vertical scaling map.Also rework the trait system in WvW, Having 10000 ranks and only using 1226 of those ranks is kinda meh, you removed guard stacks which would of helped a ton with the slow power creep that you kept pushing until recently. Giving a slight reward to the dedicated enough to hit 10k, Maybe give out armoweapon skins or even titles. These shouldn't be easy to get and easily accessed by everyone.
Overall Combat
Crowd control- Overall like the no big damage on CC, but CC should feel more rewarding and quicker with less duration to give the combat more fluid motion on losing the damage.
Power Damage- The cuts to power will need to be revisited once outliers are shown after patch. Only real concern with it.
Condition Damage Reapplication of conditions of multiple stacks needs a look at for wvw because of the lack of consistent condition clear across all classes as well as traits of classes that add more conditions based on adding another condition such as Necro. And Rev where one damaging condition makes another damaging condition start or be reapplied instantly maybe should get an internal cool down.
Conditions Duration- ( not all of this but different Ideas)(Should be the stat that increases damage of conditions alone. expertise should affect damaging conditions only the amount of condition overload to clear soft CC over damaging conditions because of order of application or separate priority of cleanse to to give each condition a “threat” level to clear first.
Boon Duration
Boons being applied should be toned down to the “stack and empower days” but access to group boons should not be relied on by one or two classes.
Stability should counter all hard CC at lower stacking duration as long as the boon is up like old stab.
Resistance needs to do a negative damaging condition percentage, and nullify all soft CC and be as accessible as stability is.
Toughness- A class that goes fully into toughness should not be able to be one shot, but not be able to kill a class with no toughness also.
Toughness should give a base negative condition damage buff such as the buff Renegade gets on it’s healing skill ( percent increases with more toughness (0-10/20%?). Resistance should be reworked into a percentage damaging conditions and 100% on soft cc’s only together with toughness should be equaled out to 100% together of damaging conditions
Vitality - Should be the stat that is the counter to condition duration and group power burst.
Precision - Removing free precision traits and with no active play was a good for the stat.
Ferocity- With power nerfs should fall in line with overall power keep nerf.
Boons- The amount of Conditions to boon conversion traits does not match the amount of corruption traits. More traits that change weapon skills into a “purify” skill to counter corruption traits, and skills. Light fields should counter AOE condition fields only when blasted.
Finishers And Fields incorporate finishers more into group play and have a larger effect
Evades Reduce the amount of spam of classes that use it in lieu of stability and add some shareable stability to those classes
Fractal Changes
- Reworking and revitalizing the fractal scene, Making a leader board that resets weekly or monthly. Having Weekly Affixes that change and also having seasons. It would give pve a competitive environment and give us replay ability.
- giving us a 3v3 arena variant, making it so we can have a group play that allows a bunkehealer in the comp instead of double dps classes.
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2019.09.22 13:56 chuunis Putting 'guild' and 'wars' into Guild Wars

So here we go:
A. Guild Wars mode New WvW/GvG map, but it focuses on smaller scale battles between different guilds. Map is size of the regular PoF PvE map (make it slightly larger if needed) and 400 people is allowed on map. There is no conventional sieges (maybe some manually activated pre-set traps and ballistas).
Map would have several guild-controlled spawn points, those points would be more toward the middle of the map. Other guilds entering the map would be given one of many spawn points on the edge of the map. To ensure there is no spawn-camping, edge spawn area would be restricted so it doesn't allow PvP (this allows the guild to assemble into a larger group before venturing forward).
Additionally, there are smaller spawn points for guildless people and roamers. These points are many and random, people would spawn into an area that doesn't have players nearby to discourage spawn-camps. Guildless people and roamers can find few (2 or 3) safe secret bases where they can meet and form a hidden temporary guild/pact. This allows them to take central points more easily. At any time you can leave this temporary guild and back-stab your buddies.
Limits: single guild can taxi in 80 people maximum (this obviously benefits larger guilds that can get more people in).
B. Guild Royale Every 9 hours, there is Guild Royale happening. There are 2 modes; solo mode and group of 5 mode (can enter up to 5-man party). Map is smaller than the regular PvE map, and it contains things like mazes, thick forested places, caves, underwater, old castles etc (map that creates surprise encounters) with few open spaces to allow limited scouting...
Each guild can send a single player (solo) or single group (group of 5) into one instance of Guild Royale. The spawn points are random on the edges of the map and there are special champions sometimes spawning on map that give benefits. Benefits involve buffs like permanent fury or short term stealth on demand (few seconds, few uses)... Benefits could also be gained by killing player enemies or finding secret hidden caches on map.
The goal is of course kill everyone and survive, the playable area shrinks in a way that outside playable area players get ticking poison and mobs start spawning (stronger mobs with stealth detection the further out you are). Along with regular prizes, winner guild gets announced in all global chats along with names of winners.
C. ???
Tl;dr: I want something new and this is my 2 random propositions that I think would be cool to see in game that could potentially revitalise forgotten game modes (WvW/PvP)
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2018.08.31 06:09 Gourgeistguy I soloed Verdant Brink and Story Dungeons as Reaper. Here's how to do it!

Hey guys, I feel proud of finally being able to finish the dungeon story modes and Verdant Brink map, inluding HPs, as a solo player. I'm currently halfway through Auric Basin, just lacking Golem and Balth HPs (I doubt I'll be able to do the Balth one tho), and here is how I did it for those who might need some tips for the class and soloing stuff!
First of all, use this build as a base and don't underestimate it.
With the latest Reaper changes, this build manages to deal extremely high damage and it easily stays alive. READ IT, THUMBS UP TO THE AUTHOR.
I used no stat infusions, only ascended Greatsword, Axe and Rings, and no Food or Utility buffs. The build is identical to the one displayed in Metabattle, all Berserker Stats with Scholar Runes. I run Axe and Focus instead of Warhorn.
Now, without further ado, here's what to do.
Maybe I'm missing some stuff but trust me, you can do it! If anyone else has some tips, feel free to comment, I'll learn too!
NOTE; I got my Full Reaper Traitline from PoF Hero Points, that's why I could solo Verdant Brink and almost all Auric Basin. This is just meant to show and give tips on what you can do as a solo reaper, try to finish the traitline first to have an easier time!
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2018.03.22 14:24 VageGozer Thoughts of a random player after playing the entire story from start to Living World season 4 episode 2.

So I just spend the last month or so playing through the entire Guild Wars 2 story with a new character (not a new account). I wanted to see how long it would take to get from new to now.
Before showing the time spend, a few notes:
Core Guild Wars 2 (with dungeons story-mode):
~32 hours; ~2hour of exploring
Character age: 34 hours
Living World Season 1:
~5 minutes (for obvious reasons)
Living World Season 2:
~12 hours; 1hour exploring
Character age: 47 hours
Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns:
~10 hours (no mastery farming, and all map-events played once, because in my opinion these events are part of the story); ~1hour exploring
Character age: 58 hours
Current Events (Caladbolg):
~ 1 hour
Living World Season 3 (full map completion):
~20 hours; ~5hours exporing, finishing achievements, gathering map-specific recources, playing Fashion Wars
*Character age: 84
Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire:
~10 hours; ~2hours exporing
Character age: 96 hours
Living World Season 4 Episode 1:
~3 hours; ~2hours of Current events (Defeat invading Awakened)
Episode 2:
~ 4 hours (mainly due to a golem getting stuck and preventing me from killing them, blocking any progress)
Character age: 105 hours; story alone: 91 hours.
A few lore-related questions and some notes:
Lore-related questions
Other notes
Beyond the core story of GW2, these choices are irrelevant. I know this is a pretty common critique, but I want to take it a little further. I want to story to be influenced by the profession we chose to be. Head of the Snake-episode started doing that by allowing Engineers to use disabled turrets, Necromancers to steal skeletons, and Rangers to charm the hound. I was hoping this would be implemented more. The same way the Raisu Palace mission is influenced by choice of allies, I want our profession to be an actual important part of the story. Some examples (would probably be better in a dungeon-style instance than actual story):
Warrior: take environmental weapons (boulders / massive wooden boards) / weapons from defeated enemies
Guardian: protective shields to protect against barrages (just like Braham did in A Bug in the System)
Revenant: channel other heroes (Gwen, Eir, Snaff) to do.... something usefull
Ranger: charm animals and be able to use them on pressure plates
Engineer: make random explosions / open pathways otherwise blocked by debris
Thief: take out snipers and scouts / party stealth (I know this is already used in some dungeons/fractals, and I'm glad it is.)
Elementalist: Exstinguish flames / destroy (or use) flaming boulders
Mesmer: trick enemy guards to help / pacify a large amount of enemies for short amount of time
Necromancer: raise skeletons
These abilities wouldn't be necessary, but they would make certain areas easier to go through.
TL;DR: It took about 100 hours to play from start to now with a new character (not a new account) when focussing on the story only. This only includes the story and very few events. No seasonal events, no mastery grinding, or any other form of repeatable content.
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2017.09.14 05:33 Gayest_Charr_Ever [Theorycrafting][PvE] Planning open world builds for all nine classes after PoF (giant wall of text ahead!)

Hey, it's me again, been a little while since I updated my open world builds list. I originally planned to revisit the list six months afterward, or in August, but then ArenaNet announced the release of Path of Fire for September. I did not want to recommend people to play old builds with only core and HoT specs, so I decided to wait and prepare my characters for new builds.
Now that gw2skills has updated to include the PoF elite specs, I can show what I'm planning for each class coming up here in about 9 days. Spoiler alert, they are all glass power builds, so some people might be disappointed that I'm discontinuing my engineer and warrior tank-condi builds, but their new elite specs are offering playstyles closer to what I personally prefer. I hope someone who explores condition damage in open world will be able to step forward and offer advice in that area, but it is my opinion through practice that a power build is more generally applicable to open world than a condition build.
Some classes did not change very much at all, and will continue to use their HoT specs. And of course, all of this is subject to balance changes that we will receive on PoF release, so check back in this subreddit after PoF for an update. I do not expect the gear and weapons to change much, but traits and utility skill choices have the most potential for change after rebalancing.
Moving forward, I will provide builds with the assumption that the reader owns all expansions, with access to all elite specs as well as mounted travel. If you do not have access to a particular elite spec that I utilize in a build, feel free to leave a comment with what you do own and the class you are interested in, and I may be able to create a separate build for that situation.
Above all, please keep in mind this is just one single player's opinion with a very specific interest in how to play the game. I don't claim that these builds are the best for any specific scenario or goal; I present these builds as a way to experience general open world play that is viable in as many scenarios as possible, with the opportunity to excel in damage, given the appropriate circumstances. A lot of it is purely subjective preference.
If you have any questions about any build, I am willing to go into greater detail in the comments.


Let me begin with mesmer, because the recent buffs to core mesmer DPS has caused me to begin switching my mesmer between two different builds, depending on what I want to do with it.
Utility Chronomancer: This build is what I log into every day for dailies. I also use it for Winterberry farming, jumping puzzles, and other mostly non-combat applications. Malicious Sorcery increases gathering speed by 20%, shield skills provide defense and CC to leave mobs behind, and Continuum Split with Mimic allows for rapid triple-Blinking toward your destination. The Continuum Split + Mimic combo is also helpful for making many Portals in a short amount of time.
Greatsword Mesmer: This build, as with power mesmer in general, got massive buffs, and now has the highest solo DPS while camping 1200 range out of any build. There is some flexibility with this build, such as using sword/sword on swap with Fencer's Finesse, sword/focus, or even sceptesword, depending on what you want from it. Similarly, utility skills are very flexible, and should be experimented with; Signet of the Ether and Mantra of Pain are the only core staples.
Simply summon three phantasms and use the greatsword autoattack from 900+ range to stack and maintain 25 Might. You will need to start a boss fight with 1 of one type of phantasm, and 2 of a higher damaging phantasm, until the cooldown is available to summon the third. For the build I've given, start with sceptefocus and summon a Warden, followed by a Berserker on greatsword, then use Signet of the Ether to summon another Berserker. When you are ready to summon a third Berserker, wait until the Warden is finished attacking before you replace it.
I am considering changing this build to sword/sword on swap later, so if you already have that going, you should know it's high on my list of options.


Sword/Dagger Weaver: This build should bring plenty of burst damage and mobility, though its sustained DPS was questionable in its previous state during the betas. PoF may bring buffs to Weaver, though at this point, I am eager to put staff away until it receives buffs again. I do not think staff would be a reasonable choice for open world Weaver; staff already has lots of weaknesses in open world, and being forced to cycle out of Fire is not ideal, since other attunements do not have strong autoattacks.
Anyway, it is a fairly straightforward build, selecting the only options there are to enhance direct DPS. The utility skills are probably best left to personal choice depending on the circumstances, though I've selected some that seem strong for open world play, with Signet of Fire remaining a significant part of damage-oriented elementalist builds.
The rotation for this build will probably come down to whether or not it's better to do Fire-Air-Air-Fire-Air-Air, or Fire-Fire-Air-Air-Fire-Fire-Air-Air. Fresh Air does not seem to play a key role in this build because of the 4-second global cooldown on attunements; it only makes it faster to fully attune to Air from any other element. The issue is that skill cooldowns are the limiting factor with Fresh Air, so you're often left just autoattacking in Air. Bolt to the Heart is an easy damage modifier regardless of rotation, so it'll probably end up being the main selection for general play.


ECSU Holosmith: The engineer is being blessed with an elite spec that transforms it almost into another class entirely. For this build I have chosen the delicate playstyle of maintaining 50-149 Heat, and additional range flexibility in Photon Forge mode with the 600-range autoattack replacement. This build is possibly the most glassy on my roster, though shield and utility skills help with that a little bit.
You basically run around blasting things with Photon Forge skills, and when you're about to overheat, exit Photon Forge and immediately use sword 3 for 6 seconds of Quickness. Follow up with skill 2 while over 100 heat, as well as autoattacks, and go back into Photon Forge the moment you drop below 50 Heat. Try to never stay below 50 Heat for long, even while not fighting, unless you need to mount up, of course.


Zeal/Radiance Dragonhunter: This build is likely not going to change much in PoF. The changes to the Radiance trait line make Retaliation a very important boon for solo play, and I've begun using Hallowed Ground to help maintain some uptime. It remains the build with the highest burst potential in PvE.
For those that follow the raid meta, this should look familiar, with just a few things tweaked. The sustained DPS rotation is the same, however it can also be adjusted slightly to dump all of its damage at once in a great burst: Hallowed Ground, focus 5, F1, Procession of Blades, scepter 2, Dragon's Maw, greatsword 4, greatsword 2. For fighting weak trash mobs, one at a time or in groups, cast F1 on something for an instant ~30% damage bonus against it, and lay down scepter 2 and autoattacks; this generally suffices for most mobs, and F1 refreshes its cooldown whenever you kill something.
If the target does not trigger traps, such as most world bosses, switch out Purification for Litany of Wrath, Procession of Blades for Sword of Justice, and Dragon's Maw for "Feel My Wrath!"


Minions Reaper: Since shroud-camping got removed as a viable playstyle, power reaper is a lot less reliant on Soul Reaping. The new greatsword trait adds a lot of sustain, so most of the time you'll want to camp greatsword. This build is suited well for higher pressure situations, but does not fall far behind in easy solo play, either. It is a lot more self-sufficient than my previous Valkyreaper build.
Scourge has the potential to be a strong solo spec as well, like most necromancer builds. However, it is based on support and condition damage, playstyles that are outside my preferences, and the summons are stationary, which is not ideal for open world. In addition, it cannot utilize the security of a second health bar, only having some Barrier potential instead.


Longbow/Greatsword Soulbeast: With Soulbeast comes some much-needed love for power ranger. The idea of this build is to activate Moa Stance, then cast everything that gives you boons: Quickening Zephyr, "Strength of the Pack!", Worldly Impact, and perhaps a weapon swap to proc Tail Wind and Furious Grip. This build maintains permanent Fury, decent Quickness uptime, and high Might stacks, with up to 100% crit chance.
It looks as though you will always want to be in beast mode, especially in solo play, although some rebalancing may happen to change that. One of the most powerful synergies of beast mode is that Maul gives you the 50% damage bonus before the ability lands, so it's a straight 50% damage buff on that skill. "Sic 'Em!" is a strong utility choice in place of the signet, but it adds more of a burst/conserve feel to your sustained damage output, and the weapons and other traits aren't particularly suited for that. Hunter's Shot gives you access to permaswiftness.


Hammer Herald: This build has not changed much at all since I began playing it, and probably won't change much in the expansion, either. It is a reliable and self-sufficient build that's quite easy and safe to play. You'll want this for a leisurely stroll around the desert. It brings exactly 100% crit chance at all times for the most reliable hammer smashing experience.
The idea is you turn on some boons (Fury strongly recommended) and smash stuff up. Use the long evade or block skills to dodge instead of your endurance, saving regular dodges for a last resort. Glint's heal is Defiant Stance, and is one of the strongest heals in the open world when used creatively. It can heal you to full and allow you to stand in the fire that much longer.
You can also take this build into WvW as-is, and seamlessly move between zerging and roaming, though there are more optimal variants for both of those.


Rifle Deadeye: Possibly my most favorite future build, this replaces ranger as my 1500-range-camping character. It reaches slightly more than 100% crit chance when kneeling, but the extra crit outside of kneeling helps when just running around open world. This build maintains permanent Fury and high Might, and good levels of Quickness when cycling through targets.
For general open world roaming, you'll not want to kneel very much. Instead, place Mark on your target and use the Quickness and increased stats to quickly burst it down with rifle 2 or 3 and autoattacks. Your Mark will refresh its cooldown, and you can cast it on the next target, sustaining your Quickness. This makes for a fairly fast-paced gunner playstyle at long range. You can swap to sword/pistol to blind and cleave groups of mobs, and the plethora of stealth abilities I've chosen should be able to get you out of any situation where you've over-pulled.
Against world bosses, switch the grandmaster to Maleficent Seven, and find a good spot to kneel. Your rotation will probably consist of using skill 3 to deal damage and build Might while your Malice stacks up, then spamming skill 4 while you have full Malice stacks.


Sustain Spellbreaker: Power warrior has gotten some great tools for an all-melee build for open world. This build prioritizes sustain, as well as Might and Fury uptime, for an aggressive yet survivable playstyle that is notably easier than previous iterations of power warrior. Cast Signet of Rage and "For Great Justice!" on cooldown for almost permanent Fury uptime, and use a greatsword burst every now and then to cover the rest of the uptime.
The key traits are Might Makes Right, and Sun and Moon Style. Magebane Tether, dagger autoattacks, Forceful Greatsword, and "For Great Justice!" all have powerful synergy with Might Makes Right. Sun and Moon Style adds additional sustain when wielding an offhand dagger and landing critical strikes. Altogether, this sustain allows you to drop Healing Signet and pick up Natural Healing. While this heal skill drops all of your boons, it is a very large burst heal and condition cleanse, which is important for moments when any amount of sustain just won't cut it. It is meant to be used as an emergency heal, and it fills that niche extremely well.
After Deadeye, this is my next favorite elite spec, reinvigorating solo power warrior with a lot of new and useful tools.
So, I've presented my ideas for open world after PoF. What are you guys looking at playing? I have some friends eager to explore condition or hybrid builds with some of the new stat combos and other elite specs I won't be using. Leave any thoughts you have in the comments!
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2017.08.13 00:29 void2258 Quality of Life suggestions for improving the game

Emergency Priority:
Classes & abilities:
Mystic Forge:
Action Camera:
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